Book Covers for Indie Authors
Book Covers for Indie Authors
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Boda Book Studio is dedicated to designing a beautiful cover for your book, which is both eye-catching and on genre. I want you to have a successful author career and will strive to create a cover which will give your book the best chance of reaching a wide audience.


I'm Anna and I'm the owner and designer at Boda Book Studio.

In my designs I aim for both uniqueness and familiarity. I want every single one of my covers to feel fresh and beautiful. It must shout out the genre loud and clear, catch the eye of a casual browser, reflect the mood of the book and sit well next to other books on the shelf.

My background is in the space industry, where I worked with 3D software designing antennas for large telecom satellites. I'm drawn to anything space related, but I am thrilled to work within many different genres.

I can't wait to help you along on your author career. My ambition is that the cover I design for you will give your book the attention and success it deserves.